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About Me

I’m Sherrina Scott, a Mental Health Therapist in Chicago, IL, and the owner and primary therapist at When It’s Time/WIT Counseling Services, LLC. I began this journey with the goal of helping others to develop more insight into themselves, more acceptance, and to encourage positive changes as it relates to mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Licensed Child-Welfare Specialist. Of course, this journey has had its ups and downs, as I am on my own journey of self-improvement. Experiences and the ability to absorb knowledge learned from others is vital to the work we do. My experiences include working with youth in care and young adults, who have experienced severe trauma. I am also TF-CBT trained and have worked in the field of social work for 20+ years and as a therapist for 13 years.

Education and Certifications


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor-2017-present

Licensed Professional Counselor- 2012-2017 


Masters Of Arts in Professional Counseling

Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University-2008

Psychology Today

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My Philosophy

When It’s time, it’s time!! To me, this statement means, “ok, it’s time to try SOMETHING else”. It’s never too late to want to have a better understanding of ourselves. There’s no time frame, there’s no right track or way to get it done, but it’s time to do SOMETHING. Only you know when that is, and maybe your thoughts are telling you that you may need some extra help along the way; with finding the answers. Being mentally and emotionally healthier has its most benefits to the person seeking it out. Maybe it’s past/recent trauma, maybe it’s situational/seasonal, maybe it’s adjusting to something different or new. Maybe it’s something not mentioned here, but you want to have more insight and learn another way to cope. It’s all worth talking about. When it’s time, it’s time. You will know.

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